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Access audits

Clients in existing premises, or those intending to move to new premises, are often advised to carry out an access audit to help meet their duties under the Equality Act 2010. An access audit is an inspection of a building, environment or service where barriers to access are noted and recommendations for improvement made. The audit assesses of the accessibility of the premises for disabled people and takes into account the needs of those with mobility impairments, including wheelchair users, and those with sensory and cognitive impairments. Issues considered will affect the convenience of access to buildings for all occupants, not just those with identifiable disabilities.

Access=Design access consultants carry out access audits. We tailor audits to client needs, discuss report format and content and make practical recommendations in collaboration with the client. We often provide services beyond the audit report, to enable the client to understand access issues and prioritise planned improvements. We provide reports required for applying for funding from organisations such as City Bridge Trust and the Arts, Sport and Heritage Lottery Funds. Vin Goodwin and Ann Sawyer are both members of the Centre for Accessible Environments panel of access auditors.

Wherever possible Access=Design will incorporate ongoing access consultancy and training into the access auditing process in order to achieve the most accessible and cost effective outcomes.

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