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Access consultancy

Access=Design access consultants work closely with design teams and building operators to provide advice on inclusive design and to respond to the ever increasing requirements of planning and building regulation legislation and the Equality Act (which superseded the Disability Discrimination Act, DDA).

We consider the needs of disabled people, older people, children, carers of children and broader issues relating to faith and gender. Vin Goodwin and Ann Sawyer are both members of the Centre for Accessible Environments panel of access consultants.

Starting early in the design process we can assist in developing the access design brief and establish appropriate standards and design guidance. As the design develops we provide ongoing assessment and advice to ensure that relevant legislation and good practice standards relating to disabled access are met.

The advice provided and design decisions taken in response are fully documented to ensure a clear audit trail. Advice given by the access consultants is always relevant and pragmatic, aiming to meet or exceed good practice standards while taking into account design and architectural aspirations.

At key stages, we are able to provide fully detailed access statement reports for planning applications, building control, listed building consent and end users.